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At The Spot Preschool we believe in the uniqueness of each child, and as early childhood educators we will ensure that the learning and caring environment supports the acceptance of their similarities, differences, strengths, values and beliefs.

We are committed in promoting an educational curriculum that fosters and enhances quality interactions amongst children, families and carers built on mutual trust and respect and we will seek and value their participation and contributions.

We value the child as protagonist of his/her own learning experiences and we believe in fostering the individual development of each child by providing a well-planned and interesting environment which will encourage them to develop their own ideas and create newly found interests.

We support play as a social act in developing positive relationships for the child with adults and with peers, and we value it as an apprenticeship of formal learning. In our role of childhood educators we will use play to teach children to express themselves, work in a group, as well as to develop their imagination and creativity.

We firmly believe in the importance of critical self-reflection as an ongoing process of assessing and eveluating my daily practices to identify areas of strength and weakness and we value and support research to strengthen and expand our knowledge and skills in the field of early childhood.





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