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The centre acknowledges that forming a partnership with each child's family is central to providing effective care and is committed to foster and enhance open and extensive communication which is respectful of and sensitive to cultural and other differences.

Staff will be consistent in making families feel welcome and valued and this will also encourage families to be more active in the life of the centre whenever possible.

The centre and staff encourage families to become involved in the centre's planning, programs and operations and they accept that families will participate in different ways.

Parents are welcome at the centre at any time and they are encouraged to share aspects of their culture with the children such as craft, cooking and musical experiences.

The centre will provide informal gatherings during the year to allow parents and family members to join in and meet each other, make new friends and get to know the centre staff.

Staff will also discuss important issues with families daily and at formal events.



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- Parent participation

- Statement of beliefs

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