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The Spot Preschool has been providing quality childcare since 1979. We believe that the child is central to our service and has the right to positive experiences.

Our aims, objectives and beliefs are:

To appreciate and foster the individuality of all children, including children with diverse needs.

To value each child's uniqueness and respect his/her ethnic and cultural background and individual needs.

To foster their development through an ecological approach, by providing a program that values the childrens, families and communities needs.

To foster in each child the right to develop a strong sense of trust, self esteem and self respect.

To know each child on a personal basis and provide experiences to build development.

To encourage children to show respect, empathy and understanding towards others.

To provide opportunities for children to develop understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

To involve the centre in the community by taking an interest in other groups and inviting them to share in our program.

To guide and encourage children towards positive and responsible behaviour.

To develop in children a sense of identity, self worth and value in their own achievements.

To employ staff who complement and reflect the diverse backgrounds of the children.

To encourage parents to participate in the centre program and share aspects of their lifestyle.







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